About Us

As an authorized agent for the Freehold Business System, RKS-Ventures has helped assemble transfer fee rights to hundreds of billions of dollars in real estate projects, including for some of the most prominent, well respected real estate companies in the country. RKS-Ventures, along with Freehold and its related entities, combine to form one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

RKS-Ventures believes in the importance of building strong communities by supporting non-profit groups. We and our partners have not only made property more affordable, but in the process we have helped to create significant future income streams for the benefit of non-profit organizations of all kinds.

By creating reliable long-term income streams, transfer fees not only help owners, buyers and sellers alike, they help build strong communities.

Our firm is lead by experienced industry leaders. We are lead by:

Brian Birdwell

Brian's experience includes consultation, design, construction management, and project management of residential, retail, and commercial development. He has managed development projects ranging from one-acre commeercial sites to 4,000-acre master plannned communities. He currently develops properties for his partnerships as well as representing land owners by managing their projects from acquisitions through entitlements and construction. In addition, he has acted as a personal business manager for high net worth individuals.

A graduate of Texas A&M University, he holds both a BS in Agricultural Engineering as well as a MS in Civil Engineering. He is licensed as a professional engineer in both Texas and Colorado. These studies give him an analytical focus. This helps him to drill down into the details of all deals and helps him to understand the complexities that others might not grasp. His skill helps RKS-Ventures by providing us with extensive spreadsheets and Fair Value evaluations of projects encumbered under the Freehold Business System as well as providing the first hand experience of a developer utilizing the system.

Jack Holford

Jack is a principal for the Holford Group, a leading land planning firm located in
Austin, Texas. He provides RKS-Ventures with many years of outstanding experience. A life long resident of Austin, and graduate of the University of Texas, Jack knows our community and has directed its growth. He has lead numerous civic groups including acting as president for the Capitol Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. While president he initiated a five year master plan and chaired the Properties Master Plan Committee.

As the founder of the Holford Group, Jack has helped design many of the residential and commercial developments in Central Texas. In addition to work for others, he has organized many partnerships to develop and build real estate projects in Austin, and San Antonio. He is respected for his sage advice, and thorough knowledge of all aspects of development. From concept, to finding the right piece of property, to design, finance, build, and sell, he has many years of first hand practice.

Roy Keithley

Roy brings a myriad of experiences to RKS-Ventures. Over the last many years he has lead group leadership training conferences, acted as president for a nationally known non-profit nature center, and lead a highly successful membership drive for the Boy Scouts of America.

Beyond his volunteer occupations, he has invested heavily in a well crafted diversified equity portfolio. Asset classes have included the traditional, as well as real estate development, remodeling and construction, hedge fund participation, and venture capital. Proior to his retirement in 2001, he sold internet banking solutions to the independent banking community. Criss-crossing the United States introducing a new product to the industry helped him build an understanding and feel for the banking world.

Within RKS-Ventures, Roy has crafted a strong interior structure for both the finance and sales efforts.