We are an authorized agent for the Freehold Business System. As such, we partner with real estate developers, institutional investors, financial institutions of all varieties,  and similar owners and lenders for large real estate portfolios for the purpose of restructuring the economics of real estate transactions.

The result is a collateralized income stream that continues to grow year after year and has very real value today. Transfer Fee Rights not only offer the opportunity for substantial liquidity today, but this valuable funding tool also benefits both current and future buyers and sellers alike. It is a fair and equitable way to apportion significant development costs.

This approach to structuring real estate transactions is well suited for many different types of owners of large portfolios of real estate such as developers, REIT's, institutional investors and more. In fact, the owners of an estimated $300 billion in real estate projects nationwide, including some of the largest, most well respected real estate companies in the United States, have partnered with us to restructure the economics of their real estate projects.

Whatever role you play in the real estate industry, We invite you to learn more about what RealEstate Transfer Fee Rights are, how they work, and what we do.

A good place to start is to download the brochure written by Freehold Licensing

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